Case Study – Resources for Human Development

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Services: Hosted Business Class PBX

Resources for Human Development (RHD) is nationwide, non-profit organization providing a wide range of human services to the most vulnerable members of our society. With more than 200 locations nationwide their telecommunication and internet costs were enormous.  They needed a reliable telecommunication solution for less than they were currently paying to Verizon.

RHD came to ESP Delivers seeking a more affordable telecommunication and internet solution for their entire organization and ESP delivered.

We provided them with a SIP Trunking hybrid solution servicing all of their 200 locations.  With a SIP Trunking hybrid solution they received a high quality, reliable telecommunication solution for 15% to 20% less they were paying. In addition to paying less they also gained a redundancy failsafe – if the landlines fail or power goes out at any of their 200 locations they can have calls automatically forward to any other number.  With ESP Delivers, LLC they are paying less and getting more.