Case Study – Goddard Systems Inc

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Goddard Systems was seeking a simplification of their telecommunications services when they decided to contact ESP Delivers, LLC for assistance. With more than 350 schools across the country, they spent valuable time dealing with 17 different telecommunications providers and a voicemail system in the need of an upgrade, instead of time expanding their education system.

ESP Delivers, LLC initially helped Goddard Systems free up their staff by simplifying their vendor network into one point of contact for all of their telecommunications needs.

“Derek Amoroso became our all in one person when it came to telecommunications,” said Goddard Systems Director of Information Technology Bill Mackey. “He truly streamlined our entire process and I trusted Derek to help us get the best deal for our telecommunications dollars.”

The best deal provided Goddard Systems with substantial cost savings and a suite of hightech telecommunications services that provided their team with important features.

“ESP saves us about 20 percent on our telecommunications bill each and every month,” Mackey said. “Plus they provided us a suite of great technologies to help our staff. One example is we are located in an area known for bad weather. When bad weather hits, the ESP Delivers, LLC hosted PBX solution allows our employees to safely work remotely from their homes just like they were in the office. The safety of our employees is very important to us.”

Best of all, Goddard Systems really appreciates the simplification of having ESP Delivers, LLC host their PBX system.

“Hosted PBX service really frees up my time,” Mackey said. “There are no servers to deal with and the system is very easy to use. It is much easier to configure and manage than a traditional telecommunications system. Plus the clarity of voice with the digital system is phenomenal.”

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