Case Study – Excel Physical Therapy

Services: Hosted Business Class PBX

Excel Physical Therapy is the Philadelphia region’s premier provider of out-patient physical therapy with over 28 clinics and growing.  When Excel came to ESP they had basic, single line, wired phones in their clinics.  The solution they had was too limited and expensive for their needs.  They needed a solution that would tie all 28 locations together, expand functionality and lower costs.

When ESP had a perfect solution for Excel’s telecommunication needs: Hosted Business Class PBX VoIP.  With Hosted Business Class PBX VoIP Apex tied all 28 locations together through extension dialing.  Each location can transfer and merge calls with one another via extension rather than using a separate telephone number.  Each location can also manage infinite, simultaneous incoming calls.  Clients never receive a busy signal. Calls are either handled by a live person, an auto-attendant or sent to a voicemail. As Excel continues to expand and sets up new clinics they now have a number for the clinic in advance of the opening.  With PBX hosting the clinic has the control to choose the moment they can start receiving calls at the new location instead of waiting for a technician to arrive on site to connect the line.  This helps the clinic promote and preserve their corporate identity quicker, better and faster.

Excel Physical Therapy is also saving money with PBX Business Class Hosting VoIP.  They only pay for services they need and use.  They aren’t paying for services or numbers they aren’t using as they were before with Verizon.

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