Case Studies

Lindy Property Management Logo
Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

We at ESP Delivers, LLC were tasked with making sure any trouble calls or general questions can get to the proper departments with minimal effort on the resident’s end at Lindy Properties. The Lindy family mission is to deliver exceptional housing value. For more than 75 years, they have remained dedicated to providing comfort and convenience to those who come “home” to a Lindy Community. We succeeded by installing a quality PBX system that will allow the entire community to work seamlessly with each location while having the ability to control their own localized billing.
Princeton Brain & Spine Care Logo
Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

Princeton Brain & Spine Care Surgeons and Staff believe in expert, compassionate care. They are passionate about their patients. They believe that knowledge is power and patients are people. With that understood, we at ESP Delivers, LLC (ESP) were happy to add Princeton Brain & Spine to our ever growing clientele list. ESP upgraded, installed and support Princeton Brain & Spine’s network in all 5 of their locations.

We understood the importance an institution such as this one has to keep communications with their patients and within their network.